Our School

The honor of the laying the foundation of this school at the dawn of the 19th century goes to venerable Sobhitha thero. It was founded as a vernacular Boys’ School until 1840. Administration of this school was taken over by the government in 1869 and made it as a mixed school, taking both male and female students under its roof. Then in 1980 it become a Girls’ school. Currently Rahula Balika Maha Vidyalaya is a 1AB school including classes from grade 1-13. The student population exceeds 3200. The academic staffs consist of 130 members. The school celebrated its silver jubilee quite grandly in 2005. Today, the school is shining as one of the leading and prominent schools in the western province, Sri Lanka under the leadership of the present principal Mrs T.N.S. Rangodage.

Principal’s Message

Dear students and parents / Guardians of Rahula Balika Vidyalaya. I am honored and feel very privileged to be the Principal of Rahula Balika Vidyalaya Malabe, Sri Lanka. It is extremely exciting to begin the academic year 2020. At Rahula Balika Vidyalaya, the goal of education is to provide an environment to the pupils which incorporates authentic learning and personal development in today’s ever changing and ever evolving world. Our school has an outstanding reputation for establishing high expectations and achieving excellent academic results. Talents too are constantly developed through sports and varied co-curricular activities. Parents play a vital role in the overall development of the child. The foundation of a successful school is the cooperation between the students, staff and parents. In conclusion, I wish you all a very wonderful and a gainful school year.

Mrs. T.N.S. Rangodage